Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

This year, we celebrated Christmas as a family of SIX! Prince Cherub joined our family in June, gracing our family with his infectious laughter and Cheshire cat grin. It was the best Christmas ever, and Cherub's first encounter with the man in red, sparkly pine cones, and glittering tinsel. Now we all know just how easy it is, when you are in the midst of dreaming up and creating Christmas eats, how those pesky kilos can creep on your unsuspecting bod! Just a taste here, oh, how about we bite that morsel of gingerbread just to see.... no, wait on, just eat the WHOLE thing; surely it won't hurt in the long run! So the 5 kilos I just worked so hard to lose after having a baby, just invited itself right back!

New Years Day 2012 ... we all know the drill! Another year, another set of new year's resolutions that somehow end up on the scrap heap. Well, after three pregnancies and four babies (yes, two are twins!) I have discovered over the years, why so many resolutions fail.

Number 1: We aren't specific enough!

I am a "Melancholic" by nature and am an avid list writer - even noting something on my "To Do" list, just to put a line through it ("done"), brings me satisfaction. If it isn't written down, then the goal doesn't exist. If it is a tidy house devoid of clutter that we want, or to lose that extra 12 kg, then be ceremonial about it and put pen to paper - make it bold, inviting, and above all, positive.

Number 2

How easily we fall prey to the "guilt trap" of "what other people think" and start to believe the things that we should do, rather than the things than we WANT to. Now is the time to set those goals for which you WANT; the things in life that bring you joy. There is no value in a person who thinks he SHOULD become a lawyer, when what he really WANTS to do is become a surgeon! It's time to let yourself dream a little. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Number 3

We aim too high!

As a very busy mother of four children all under the age of seven, I have learned not to aim too high! Each day, I set myself one thing to achieve per day, especially if it is the school holidays and my children are all at home, and are all wanting me at the same time! To accomplish one thing, and to do it well, rather than to huff and puff and get 10 things done in an hour, is what I call being sensible!

Today, for example, I set myself one goal, which was to take down all the Christmas decorations! My husband aka Prince Charming, is on annual leave for a couple of weeks, so he enjoyed re-planting the Christmas Tree in our backyard. The children and I put the decorations away into storage boxes, all labelled and put back into its rightful place, until Christmas 2012! It just means a little less clutter at the end of the day, and now we have some extra space in our living room!

Oh, I love my busy life! I thrive on the adrenaline of racing around, looking after my four sweet cherubs! But what I really love, is a sense of achievement at the end of each day, and a little less clutter! More and more, my children are showing me things I am learning about myself!

Carpe Diem - seize the day! Make every day count!

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