Monday, 23 January 2012

A Penny for your Thoughts

There is a well known saying that many of us have heard: "Many hands make light work!". Those words certainly rang true for us today. Prince Charming and I have slowly been working through our "To Do" list for what seems like forever! Each time he attempted to mow the lawns, Murphy's Law somehow crept in and it would rain, or one of the kids would get sick - or perhaps one of us would fall ill. Then the sun came out and made a real difference. It's amazing what a bit of Vitamin D can do - one of the major benefits of Summer! Aha, those famously long New Zealand summers, breathing life into the dusty embers of a cold, frosty Winter!

Today was a public holiday. The sun came out - just a little overcast, but perfect nonetheless! For three solid hours, from 9.30am-12.30pm, Prince Charming worked on laying bricks and weeding the front path, down our driveway. We have been aspiring to make our garden a "low maintenance" affair, but over time, it became a jungle. All valiant efforts to slay the giant thistles ended up in a shrouded mane of weeds and overgrown stems, smothering what used to be a cheerful patch of bright red fuchsia flowers! However today was the Great Unveiling - the weeds gave way to clear spaces and the plants became visible, having their chance to shine again. Beauty restored, giving way to nature's graceful flowers!

The Princesses ventured out on this glorious day to help garden and peel away the weeds, faring very well. They in turn, learnt valuable life lessons on caring for the family garden. They enjoyed picking a few home grown strawberries too! 

Oh how we love the height of Summer! There is something fresh and freeing about being able to swing wide those windows and let the sunlight in, to air the blankets and heavy duvets on the outdoor washing line. To inhale the Summer breeze and let your lungs fill with clean air, letting your hair down and going barefoot in the dewy grass first thing in the morning, before anyone else is awake! 

We all pitched in today. The weeds have long gone, parked in the Wheelibin, never to be seen again! If all it takes is 10 minutes each day to maintain the garden, then that is what we will do!

Often in life, "clutter" happens when "things" just creep into your home; most often times, we don't even notice! We get far too busy in life to really "see" the things that crowd us out. The vacuum cleaner that didn't get put away, lurks in the dark in the hallway at night; singing out to us, "Don't trip up!". The magasine collection and the newspapers collide in a colourful, chaotic pile, under beds and strewn in drawers. No one will notice! (Or do they?!). Over the years since having my babies, I have come to realise that tidying up the house on a daily basis doesn't have to become a chore, as long as I stick to one simple rule" when the children have finished playing with a toy or a book, those items get put away as soon as possible". The basic rule of thumb in our house is, you must put away the toy you have finished playing with, before you get out another toy. Before I applied this rule, I was forever tripping up on strewn-about toys, and dreading surprise visitors, for fear that they might see the carnage of toys, kitchen utensils and books piled about! As nutty and tedious as it sounds, tidying up after yourself, and training your children to tidy up, can do wonders for a peaceful home! Recently my mother complimented me on my tidiness, saying that compared to a year ago, she senses that I am far more relaxed these days. I seem to be able to slow down and have more time than I did in one short year. Yes, I am still very busy; sometimes far too busy for my liking, (especially with the amount of medical appointments for Prince 4), but you get used the busy pace. If you can honestly say to yourself at the end of a long, busy day, "My home is a place of peace and I feel warm and happy when I walk in the front door!", then you are truly on the path of peace, with clutter and all its ickiness scooting like Jack Frost, away, away, away..... until the ice melts and from underneath springs a beautiful red flower which you pick, to grace even more that Peaceful Home you have. A penny for your thoughts!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Little Red Hen

I'm in love with my four children! In fact, I ADORE them! I couldn't even dream of putting any one of them back - each birth was divinely precious, especially witnessing the first cries of our twins; within two minutes of each other; deemed an "emergency c.section" as my placenta was failing and one of the babies kept losing a lot of weight, and there wasn't much fluid around one of them. Just when I got used to seeing one baby (a boy!), the little girl was born within a very short time frame, then both were whisked away to the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, as they were born at 34 weeks and required some extra TLC for a few weeks. About that time, I learnt the true meaning of multi-tasking! Both babies required my expressed colostrum/first milk, and it became Liquid Gold! Each twin seemed to vie for attention even back then. The neonatal staff, as kind as they were, said I had enough Liquid Gold for one baby, but not for TWINS!! The daily queries were bounced off the neo natal nurses: "Which twin shall we give Liquid Gold to? The "small for dates twin" or the twin who has breathing difficulties and jaundice?". 

And then again, the meaning of multi tasking grew even more, when our precious babies were finally home. I also had a 21 month old Princess to care for. Three little Cherubs in nappies, two babies to feed, burp, change and put to sleep. And so "routine, routine, routine" became our slogan in those days, not to mention learning just how much the very word, "sleep!" was a treat in itself! (Sleep = aka not enough of it!). When owls were calling it quits for the night, we were up far before the first bird twittering, feeding a baby, two babies!!

Fast forward four years. Today we have x2 four-and-a-half year olds, a six year old, and a 7 month old baby! Obviously twins didn't put us off having more children, but you may have noticed a respectable 4 year age gap!  I still have x2 children in nappies (the baby Cherub, and Prince 4, who has special needs and has no control over his bowel and bladder - hopefully that will change one day!). During the day, life has become quite manageable now! Princess 6 goes to school, and our twins go to morning kindergarten (8.30am-12.30pm.... but I am never there at 8.30am; more like 9.05am after dropping Princess 6 off at school first - for me right now, that's the most practical way for the how the morning runs!). But when they are all home in the school holidays, when my Prince Charming is at work, the days are interesting, colourful and busy! I go to do one thing, and someone needs their shoe tied, or someone needs help going to the toilet, or I have to help clean up a spilt cup of milk. There are many days like that when the dishes and the laundry smile at me, as if to say, "Well? When?!", and it all gets done, along with the evening's dinner, and a quick tidy up of the living room at the end of the day... as if it wasn't too much effort, when Prince Charming gets home to an "okay" looking house!! Hee hee, he didn't see the carnage just half an hour ago!! :0)

My latest organisation tip (it is a new one for me!) is to put x4 snack containers (named) in the fridge, containing snacks that the kids can serve for themselves for morning tea and afternoon tea. There are drinks made up in their own cups (named), so the girls (who are the most capable) can get their own food if I happen to be busy feeding or changing the baby etc. Where did I get this idea from?  The children's storybook, called, "The Little Red Hen".

The Little Red Hen was a busy mother just like myself, who seemed to struggle to get things done, with her busy brood. One day it all got a bit too much, so she stood her ground (as hens do!) and asked her friends to help her bake some bread.  She says, "Who will help me plant this wheat?" and they all replied, "Not I!". I am guessing you all know how the story goes; she asks for help several times and each time the reply is the same: "Not I!". Eventually, with a heavy heart, she says, "Then I will do it myself!". So she does everything as she has always done, bakes the bread, and cunningly says, "Well, who will help me eat this warm, fresh bread?" "I will!" "I will!" "I will!" chime the friends. "No, you won't", said the Little Red Hen. "You wouldn't help me plant the seeds, cut the wheat, go to the miller, make the dough, or bake the bread. Now my three chicks and I will eat this bread ourselves!". And that's just what they did. 

In many ways, I relate well to busy Red Hen! Sometimes when the going gets tough, you are allowed to have your "just desserts" - you can have your cake and eat it too! 

And that, dear Readers, is just what I do! The bread is delicious!!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

GPS aka Girl Power Signal!

This post is in appreciation of my American friends! While not quite the "Hollywood Hills", this is New Zealand's version of "Hollywood"! The above inscription, "All Blacks" refers to our very famous rugby team; a very patriotic win late last year, of the much desired and sought after Rugby World Cup, won within inches of the French team who almost triumphed us!

A few days ago I went for a drive with my x4 cherubs, and what a glorious day it was! For once, they were all very well behaved and I savoured the peace - Miss 6 has recently discovered radio stations and is mesmerised by the dial and how you can just find music out of "thin air" - hey presto, just like that! We stopped at a dairy in the seaside suburb of Miramar, which is heralded by our own home-grown bearded Hobbit, Sir Peter Jackson! We did a little tour in the car, passing the Weta Cave, and Post Production studios. Wellington, New Zealand (where I live!) has put its name on the global map in recent years, with world famous movies such as the "LOTR (Lord of the Rings) Trilogy", "King Kong", and "The Lovely Bones". On our return home, we took the "scenic route" through Oriental Parade. I pulled the car over and snapped this photo of Wellington city in all its Summer glory, wrapped up beautifully in pristine sea blues! As you can see, Wellington city has a lot of character, and as a seasoned traveller, my own city reminds me of San Fransisco; a place which I visited some years back.

All this driving got me thinking about modern technology, and where the world is going with the latest ipods, itunes, android mobile phones, and the GPS. I love to drive, discovering new places and re-discovering familiar spots. But my downfall is how easily I get lost; particularly trying to find a new address of a friend who has moved house! I call myself, "Mrs Organised" who always has two maps of Wellington City.... but always gets lost and is famous for making several panicky "SOS" calls to Prince Charming's workplace. The staff at his workplace love to have a good chuckle at my tardiness in getting to new places. "Can women actually read maps?", they say to themselves, with sly grins planted on their faces! One day it all transpired that I in fact, DESPERATELY needed a GPS for Christmas! Prince Charming returned home from work and announced that I had made him the "laughing stock" of his workplace, as they all overheard the wacky conversation where he tried to rescue his Damsel in Distress, with x4 children in the car on a hot, Summer's day.

My Christmas present came earlier than expected! Prince 4 (who has special needs) got hungry one day and ate my old phone. He immersed the entire phone in his mouth, giving it the proverbial baptism it so deserved. The SIM was rescued, the rest - history!

To my joy, off I went to the Mall, to purchase my "free" Android mobile phone at the Telecom outlet. With the exact same mobile number as before, thanks to the SIM card being indestructible! None of my friends would know about the eaten phone, or my failure to read maps - as this fancy phone had a GPS built in to it!

Fast forward a couple more days to Christmas Eve. We took the children to see some Christmas lights ie a big, fancy home, literally covered in Christmas paraphernalia, right down to the funky letterbox! Just for fun, I gave the GPS its first test run. While Princess 4 was in the middle of a wild tantrum, because she was tired. The GPS barped loudly, "Please state your location". Me: "Mumble, mumble..." Princess 4: "Waaaaahhh wahhhh bluuuuu aggghhhh!". GPS: "Do you mean..... in NEW YORK CITY, USA?!". Well, that would be nice - Beam me up Scotty!!

There you have it. My very own world famous GPS that is actually a Beam-Me-Up-Scotty, with the ability to transport a child in mid tantrum, to the heart of NY! Howzat, y'all?!  :0)

I wonder what next year's Christmas present will be. Hopefully not a replacement mobile ;0)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Silver Linings in the Clouds

January is the most significant time of the year to reflect on the year that was, and to look forward to new ventures in the next 12 months. I have recently been doing a whole lot of thinking, about how I have learnt to see situations as life being the "glass half full" rather than choosing the other view, which is the opposite: to see the glass half empty!

Above, you see the first photo of Prince Charming holding my hand, whilst the epidural was being administered into my spine, at the emergency c.section birth of Cherub #4. As you can see, we all went through our fair share of unexpected dramas. We were not expecting an 11 day stay in the neonatal unit, as Cherub #4 was a very healthy weight at 36 weeks and 6 days! (Our twins, on the other hand, were born at 34 weeks, and that was to be expected - a long one month stay...). Cherub #4 appeared to have a dark shadow on one of his lungs, causing respiratory distress. It turned out to be a "Pneumothorax" which, in layman's terms, means fluid on the lungs, or mild pneumonia. To this day we have no idea why this occurred, yet, as these  photos can testify, our precious wee boy is in fine health today, with a big grin on his face! He even earned the nick-name, "Cheeky Poo!" until we came up with a few more fetching nicknames that won't embarrass him on his 21st birthday celebrations!

I have learnt the art of humouring even the seemingly testing of all situations. Instead of an incubator, I renamed that little glass bubble, a "space station" and I was up at the crack of dawn, reading up on the night nurses medical notes about all our babies who spent time in the neo natal unit. Being one who loves to be informed on every little detail, especially when faced with medical dramas, every stone gets overturned, and by the time friends and family read my email updates hot off the press from neo-nates, they are wondering what I am trying to say with all my new found medical jargon!

So what does this all have to do with "decluttering"? Well, nothing really, but I wanted to give you a glimpse into how delighted I am to have my "Brady Bunch" and that I just try to see the best in everything! It has not been an easy road, with a child who has special needs, so what I glean from my natural gift of "attention to detail" is learning how to keep a good, simple filing system and keeping a notebook and diary at hand. A wall calendar helps to remind me of the dozens of medical appointments I have, not to mention the screeds of babysitters close at hand - even if it takes a lot of scrabbling around to find someone to help with the kids at times!

The first photo of my Prince holding my hand (with crocodile tears rolling down my face - you don't see those!) reminds me of how we entrust those closest to us, to hold our hands in trying times, as we walk together in unison to get to the other side where life seems so much brighter than it was before.

So, dear readers, let us not lose heart, for today we shall light the paths and choose a friend to walk the walk of life with us. Hold hands, lift your head high, and remember that glass is full! Other people who have walked the same journey where you are now treading, are often the best and most trustworthy people.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dream a little...........

I have come to the conclusion that when all my four cherub royals have left the "nest" so to speak, I would be the perfect candidate for a zoo keeper. Just imagine it - all those years of hard-core decluttering, zoning in on hard-to-clean places, and scooting around with the hoover at top speed while watching surprise visitors pull up their car in our driveway! My resume would be chock full of tips, advice and quick ideas for get-aways and rainy day ideas! Storage boxes, labelling machines, and to-do lists are my saviours! Some day I would very much like to meet the zoo keeper who looks after the chimps. The chimps seem to be on to something good. It sounds like the boys are happy to roam outside, while the girls lurk in the rumpus room, obviously enjoying their time apart. I have x2 boy Princes and x2 girl Princesses - hmmmm.... boys outside and girls in the rumpus room. Might have to download that application and put it to good use! Tempting it is, to put the sign on the front door of our Royal Palace: "It takes a zoo keeper three hours to clean this area every day". The perfect excuse for those "bad hair days" that we all seem to have from time to time. Oh wait. I've got it. Eureka, I do! Just place the hoover directly in front of the entrance door, and all visitors will realise instantly the efforts you make, to herd those chimps and all their belongings, into chaotic order. There will come a day when Cinders just has to click her fingers and say, "Bibbity bobitty boo!" one more time and it shall be done. No more mess. There's no harm in dreaming a little...

Friday, 13 January 2012

Rewarding Oneself every once in a while!

To my dear neglected blog - of only a few days that I have "forgotten" you, but I was having so much fun with my Royal Cherubs, as they are all on Summer break - no school, no kindy - loving doing things in our own time, without the usual deadline of exiting the house by 8.45am at the very latest! After an intense few days of decluttering and re-sorting, giving away pre-loved toys to charity and enjoying the extra storage space, I decided we all needed a treat!

I took my young darlings to the local art museum, to look at an interesting display of "Wheels" - bicycles, tricycles and two wheel scooters, all designed for its captive audience of children up to the age of eight.  I didn't manage to take photos of the yummy stint in the museum cafe (I was too busy feeding Prince 4 and baby Cherub at the same time, while attempting to balance my "flat-white" coffee and chocolate brownie on a plate). But I eventually got 5 minutes to myself where I could be snap-happy and take a few photos, and these pictures are for you to enjoy! Put your helmets on, buckle up, and imagine you are a child again - your wheels can take you anywhere!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Photos of the BIG Post Christmas Toy Declutter session!

Dear readers

I kept my word, and as promised, here's a peep at some serious decluttering a few days post Christmas! The big kids are in the middle of their big six week school holidays, and our house has become more of an effort to clean, as they are all home! They raided the toy room and had a fabulous time on a rainy day, overturning every box of toys! So to avoid the constant clutter of toys everywhere, I applied the "Stuff Monster" app in my brain, and carried it to completion!

Stuff Monster app = STUFF you no longer need, love or want!
                                STUFF to be sorted in piles for: Charities, 2nd  Hand bookstores, and
                                "double ups" ie receiving a gift the children already had (to be placed in

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Big Spring Clean!

Welcome to the very beginning of 2012, where New Zealand is "meant to be" in the throws of a long, hot Summer, filled with barbeques, picnics, all day swims at the beach, and sand filled jandals. Well, folks, we have just experienced NZ's Wild, Wacky Wind!! Yesterday, the trampoline lurched halfway up the neighbour's fence, washing was flung about from the washing line; some of it landing on tree branches, followed by sonic booms of thunder and flash lightening, illuminating the dark sky! The children hovered in the sunroom, peering out through the window at their bedraggled Dad, who had ventured out to rescue the trampoline. It all looked very surreal, like we were a family lost at sea!

In the first photo is a picture of New Zealand's very own "Christmas Tree". The famed Pohutakawa tree. It flowers in full red bloom each Summer, which usually coincides around Christmas time. The Pohutakawa tree brings promises of warm weather, hope and colour after a long Winter. Down our street, there are plenty of these trees in bloom. It reminds me that the beginning of the new year also brings promise and new beginnings.

Our children are currently on their Summer holiday break. We are into Week 3 out of 6 and so far, we have filled our days with many fun adventures. Without the usual rush to get the Cherubs out the door before 8.45am, and with no medical appointments scheduled for any of the children until mid February, it is a very welcome time of the year for Prince Charming and I to catch up on those "small but necessary" things to do around the house. The one I am working on at the moment, is doing a massive clean-out and reorgansing the toy space in the sunroom/rumpus room. Our Cherubs got spoilt over Christmas and received many gifts, so over the last two weeks since Christmas day, I have boxed old toys to be donated to charities, I have kept "double ups" in toys we have, for birthday presents (of friends' children who have birthdays coming up) and I have sorted a pile of old, good quality books for donation for local 2nd hand bookstores. My rule of thumb is to use two big storage shelves in the rumpus room, for toys, and to clear out toys in each of the Cherub's bedrooms, so the main "Toystation" remains only in one designated place. This system works very well and is expecially useful on rainy days when we need to locate a certain toy and we know exactly where it is! My label-gun has been particularly useful for this project! I have braved my camera to take a few more photos of the massive declutter job, and I filled x2 rubbish bags full of "junk" which has already gone to our mini-bin outside! I will be sharing those photos in my next blog post, so you can see what the results are. You'll be amazed! I find that blogging helps me to keep my house tidy, as I enjoy taking "before and after" photos and having an incentive to keep it all tidy, after my spring cleaning efforts - which by the way, is not easy, when you have x4 very small children!

The Sun is peeping from the clouds now and the sky is looking blue. Washing has been rescued from yesterday's storm, and now there are x4 loads of laundry to be caught up on!

Happy Reading!
Yours Truly

"Queen Daisy"! :0)

Friday, 6 January 2012

"Camping Expedition!"

A friend of mine who has two children with special needs once commented (and I like it very much!): "Most regular mothers, when they head out somewhere, just pick up their wallet, car keys, handbag, and go out the door!". Well, I can fully relate to my friend! The zoo trip earlier this week - culminated in a jumbo sized bag full of x4 changes of clothes for four children (just in case!), nappies, baby change mat, towel and baby wipes, plastic bags for dirty clothes, a formula dispenser, x3 Avent bottles full of piping hot water (cooling slowly in a mini cooler bag), lunch and snacks for the entire family (x2 ice cream containers full of sandwiches, fruit, cookies etc) sunhats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and most importantly - the CAMERA! The JUMBO bag was perched precariously on the pram's frame (tied on in the end!), topped off by my camera looped around my wrist. I left my handbag at home as we had no room for it, and besides, there was no need to bring my money as Prince Charming and I have a joint bank account - his wallet just goes in his belt bag which he wears around his waist - a man bag!! ;0)

Being an organised person, I suggested we leave the house at 11.00am to get to the zoo by 12pm, which is the time we agreed on, with the person meeting us at the destination. This means, we simply don't load the kids in the car at 11.00am; we have to be in the car loading zone by 10.45am at the very latest. Did that happen? No sirree! The youngest Princess had to pee, followed by the next Princess, and baby Cherub and Prince BOTH had "number two's" in their nappies (remembering that Prince has special needs, and he has no control over his bowel and bladder; TMI (Too Much Information here!). Queen Daisy digs into JUMBO bag and forages around for the baby wipes, an extra Pull-Up, and clean shorts for Prince. Ditto for baby Cherub! :0) :0)

By 11.00am we actually start loading kids in car; kids declare they are starving even though they just had morning tea! Can't win! Kids eat crackers in car and we have lift off! Princess 4 declares she needs to pee again and we kindly tell her to wait. She forgets she has to pee anyway, as the lure of food distracts her.

Both princesses say they are too hot. Two minutes later, both testify to being too cold. A game of "I Spy" instantly deflects any doubts about the correct temperature of what the car should be. The Princesses start to have a "tiff" in the car about ones favourite colour being blue while the other says she likes blue too. Due to x4 children's car seats, neither adult is able to sit in the backseat with the cherubs anymore. This means we have learnt the true meaning of, "Use your authority!" ie use authority in your voice, as there is no longer any option to sit in between any children. The 2012 "wish list" only has one item on it this year. MINI-VAN or PEOPLE MOVER! ie an 8 seater with more space. Ahhhhh, those very words bring music and great refreshing to my ears!

Destination reached bang on time. Greeter at the zoo dishes out compliments to us: "You got here on time - you are SO organised! How do you manage with four cherubs?!". Little does she know..... until she sees JUMBO bag - in her mind, JUMBO bag is what she would take for a whole week on holiday; not just for one afternoon outing!

A few days later and now it is Saturday, and here I am blogging, with two hours and thirty minutes to go, until we are due at a friend's house for lunch at 12pm.

Pretty soon, JUMBO bag will be back, along with another round of formula dispensers and nappy bags! Bring it on!!! :0)

One day in the distant future (I can't see that far yet in my mind's eye!), there will come a day when I will be able to simply, "Pick up my car keys, wallet and handbag, and just get in the car!", just like my friend who has the exact same wish. :0)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Putting the Monkeys to Bed!

Did you ever hear the well known saying, "They are SO sweet when they are sleeping!"? In the above photos, is my castle, roses strewn around, and seemingly peaceful. But if you step a little closer, you are sure to hear the protests of the little Princesses, reasoning with Mother Nature that it simply isn't fair that bedtime is when the sun hasn't herself yet gone to bed - yes, it is Daylight Savings here in the good old Southern Hemisphere of New Zealand! The extra twilight hours mean that Prince Charming gets to work on the garden after the "monkeys" have gone to bed. My job is to get into my Super Nanny role and act as a "bouncer" at the bedroom doors of Monkey #1 and Monkey #2! (Little girls!). After a few rounds of acting as Bouncer, the Monkeys give up the chase, as they do pretty much every night in Summer.... Winter is obviously a much more "compliant" time of the year, when dark falls outside rather quickly, and no one dares to question the sun on what time she retires for the night!

"Bon Nuit ma petite filles et fils" ("Goodnight, my little daughters and sons"). "A Demain!" ("Until Tomorrow!".

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

You Can't Beat Wellington on a Good Day!

"You can't beat Wellington on a good day" is the catch phrase of anyone who has lived in Wellington long enough to know the truth about that statement! It sure rang true today, as our much happily anticipated trip to the local zoo, coincided with the most glorious, sun-filled day! A very thoughtful person gave us a family pass to the zoo (our Christmas present!) so we obviously chose the right day to go!

All the "locals" were out to bask in the sun... the aptly named "Sun Bear", the leaf-gobbling giraffe with his curious head bobbling about for all to see, and even the lioness, who was sunbathing on her giant rock, with one eye open slightly! And my most favourite - the chimpanzee enclosure! I recently saw the Weta Digital famed movie, "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and as pretty much ALL the chimps were out showing off and strutting their stuff, I half expected one chimp to suddenly beat his chest and shout, "Nooooo!". You would of course, have to see the movie to understand what I mean! :0)

It was such a wonderful day, I really didn't want the day to end! Usually I find big family outings like that, fairly exhausting, but with two adults helping me out (my husband, and an extended family member), it was a fabulous entourage: x1 double stroller (mostly for Prince's convenience, as he can only walk short distances), and his twin sister's little legs get tired from time to time!, x1 single pram (for baby Cherub, who LOVED the whole outing, and still managed to have his daytime naps while being wheeled - lucky for some!), and Princess 6, who declared she had enough energy to light the national power grid! There was also another single stroller for our accompanying adult who brought her preschooler. What joy to see such delight etched upon five little faces, who were all feeling the need to gulp fresh air and have a most welcome change of scenery. So we weren't able to find the finances to go out of town on holiday this year, but instead, we have made it our aim to do day trips in our own Wellington turf, where there are always many places to visit, see and do! It's just as much fun staying home, rather than to face a stuffy, hot, crammed car in the middle of Summer, with long driving hours..... and our excuse for not going to the much hoped for Splash Planet in Napier is..... the Manawatu Gorge is still closed, due to a massive rock fall that occurred several months ago. The alternative road trip would have meant several extra hours to add to the journey, and to be really honest, a car trip that is equal to two hours or more, is like travelling with a herd of mini elephants!! :0) For us anyway.... ;0)

Over the last few months, I have prided myself with keeping our family car tidy. It may feel a bit crammed with x4 children's car seats, but I always make sure after each car trip, that the car has no extras in it, such as kids clothes, discarded baby wipes, small toys, etc. Your car is a reflection of you, in a sense, so if you have a messy car (like, REALLY messy!), that can sometimes make you feel icky! When I had a newborn, I sort of let the "car junk" lurk for far too long, and it usually got to the point where if I could, I would have happily invited The Wombles in with their sticks, to collect all the rubbish and find a new home for it!

I'm not into New Year's resolutions at all, because I find it often sets me up for failure! Stats have shown that the most common new year's resolution for women, is weight loss, and men's top one is to spend less money!

But I do find it perfectly fine to plan ahead for the goals we wish to make over the next 12 months or so. For example, last night, Prince Charming and I made a Family Year Planner and listed our goals ie moving house: in order to do that, we need to fix things around our current house by a certain time, and find a reputable company who can do small DIY jobs for us, as neither of us has the time or the know-how, and we are far too busy with our x4 cherubs anyway!

And what else is on the list, that we thought was in the "too hard" basket?! A glass jar/ piggy bank, or a savings account, where we can put a little bit of money aside each pay day, so we can actually go to Splash Planet in 2013! A year from now! Hmmmm, does that sound like a new year's resolution?! Maybe, but in this day and age with the global recession and feeling like we don't have much money for "extras", perhaps, with a whole lot of perseverance, we can watch our little next egg become our holiday fund for Summer 2013! By then, the Manawatu Gorge will be open, baby Cherub will be 18 months old, and we will have replaced the crammed car with a mini van! :0)

Happy Holidays and keep safe on the roads to all you folk in NZ and Australia who are enjoying a well deserved Summer holiday!

Bye for now, til next time

xo Queen Daisy!!