Thursday, 19 January 2012

GPS aka Girl Power Signal!

This post is in appreciation of my American friends! While not quite the "Hollywood Hills", this is New Zealand's version of "Hollywood"! The above inscription, "All Blacks" refers to our very famous rugby team; a very patriotic win late last year, of the much desired and sought after Rugby World Cup, won within inches of the French team who almost triumphed us!

A few days ago I went for a drive with my x4 cherubs, and what a glorious day it was! For once, they were all very well behaved and I savoured the peace - Miss 6 has recently discovered radio stations and is mesmerised by the dial and how you can just find music out of "thin air" - hey presto, just like that! We stopped at a dairy in the seaside suburb of Miramar, which is heralded by our own home-grown bearded Hobbit, Sir Peter Jackson! We did a little tour in the car, passing the Weta Cave, and Post Production studios. Wellington, New Zealand (where I live!) has put its name on the global map in recent years, with world famous movies such as the "LOTR (Lord of the Rings) Trilogy", "King Kong", and "The Lovely Bones". On our return home, we took the "scenic route" through Oriental Parade. I pulled the car over and snapped this photo of Wellington city in all its Summer glory, wrapped up beautifully in pristine sea blues! As you can see, Wellington city has a lot of character, and as a seasoned traveller, my own city reminds me of San Fransisco; a place which I visited some years back.

All this driving got me thinking about modern technology, and where the world is going with the latest ipods, itunes, android mobile phones, and the GPS. I love to drive, discovering new places and re-discovering familiar spots. But my downfall is how easily I get lost; particularly trying to find a new address of a friend who has moved house! I call myself, "Mrs Organised" who always has two maps of Wellington City.... but always gets lost and is famous for making several panicky "SOS" calls to Prince Charming's workplace. The staff at his workplace love to have a good chuckle at my tardiness in getting to new places. "Can women actually read maps?", they say to themselves, with sly grins planted on their faces! One day it all transpired that I in fact, DESPERATELY needed a GPS for Christmas! Prince Charming returned home from work and announced that I had made him the "laughing stock" of his workplace, as they all overheard the wacky conversation where he tried to rescue his Damsel in Distress, with x4 children in the car on a hot, Summer's day.

My Christmas present came earlier than expected! Prince 4 (who has special needs) got hungry one day and ate my old phone. He immersed the entire phone in his mouth, giving it the proverbial baptism it so deserved. The SIM was rescued, the rest - history!

To my joy, off I went to the Mall, to purchase my "free" Android mobile phone at the Telecom outlet. With the exact same mobile number as before, thanks to the SIM card being indestructible! None of my friends would know about the eaten phone, or my failure to read maps - as this fancy phone had a GPS built in to it!

Fast forward a couple more days to Christmas Eve. We took the children to see some Christmas lights ie a big, fancy home, literally covered in Christmas paraphernalia, right down to the funky letterbox! Just for fun, I gave the GPS its first test run. While Princess 4 was in the middle of a wild tantrum, because she was tired. The GPS barped loudly, "Please state your location". Me: "Mumble, mumble..." Princess 4: "Waaaaahhh wahhhh bluuuuu aggghhhh!". GPS: "Do you mean..... in NEW YORK CITY, USA?!". Well, that would be nice - Beam me up Scotty!!

There you have it. My very own world famous GPS that is actually a Beam-Me-Up-Scotty, with the ability to transport a child in mid tantrum, to the heart of NY! Howzat, y'all?!  :0)

I wonder what next year's Christmas present will be. Hopefully not a replacement mobile ;0)

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