Monday, 9 January 2012

Photos of the BIG Post Christmas Toy Declutter session!

Dear readers

I kept my word, and as promised, here's a peep at some serious decluttering a few days post Christmas! The big kids are in the middle of their big six week school holidays, and our house has become more of an effort to clean, as they are all home! They raided the toy room and had a fabulous time on a rainy day, overturning every box of toys! So to avoid the constant clutter of toys everywhere, I applied the "Stuff Monster" app in my brain, and carried it to completion!

Stuff Monster app = STUFF you no longer need, love or want!
                                STUFF to be sorted in piles for: Charities, 2nd  Hand bookstores, and
                                "double ups" ie receiving a gift the children already had (to be placed in

                                a box for  future birthdays of our children's friends).

Now it is your time to linger over a cup of tea or a freshly brewed coffee and have a chuckle over the MESS that invaded our backroom (sun room/rumpus room) and now how wonderfully tidy that room has TRANSFORMED!

Yours Truly

xo Queen Daisy!

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