Friday, 13 January 2012

Rewarding Oneself every once in a while!

To my dear neglected blog - of only a few days that I have "forgotten" you, but I was having so much fun with my Royal Cherubs, as they are all on Summer break - no school, no kindy - loving doing things in our own time, without the usual deadline of exiting the house by 8.45am at the very latest! After an intense few days of decluttering and re-sorting, giving away pre-loved toys to charity and enjoying the extra storage space, I decided we all needed a treat!

I took my young darlings to the local art museum, to look at an interesting display of "Wheels" - bicycles, tricycles and two wheel scooters, all designed for its captive audience of children up to the age of eight.  I didn't manage to take photos of the yummy stint in the museum cafe (I was too busy feeding Prince 4 and baby Cherub at the same time, while attempting to balance my "flat-white" coffee and chocolate brownie on a plate). But I eventually got 5 minutes to myself where I could be snap-happy and take a few photos, and these pictures are for you to enjoy! Put your helmets on, buckle up, and imagine you are a child again - your wheels can take you anywhere!

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