Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Putting the Monkeys to Bed!

Did you ever hear the well known saying, "They are SO sweet when they are sleeping!"? In the above photos, is my castle, roses strewn around, and seemingly peaceful. But if you step a little closer, you are sure to hear the protests of the little Princesses, reasoning with Mother Nature that it simply isn't fair that bedtime is when the sun hasn't herself yet gone to bed - yes, it is Daylight Savings here in the good old Southern Hemisphere of New Zealand! The extra twilight hours mean that Prince Charming gets to work on the garden after the "monkeys" have gone to bed. My job is to get into my Super Nanny role and act as a "bouncer" at the bedroom doors of Monkey #1 and Monkey #2! (Little girls!). After a few rounds of acting as Bouncer, the Monkeys give up the chase, as they do pretty much every night in Summer.... Winter is obviously a much more "compliant" time of the year, when dark falls outside rather quickly, and no one dares to question the sun on what time she retires for the night!

"Bon Nuit ma petite filles et fils" ("Goodnight, my little daughters and sons"). "A Demain!" ("Until Tomorrow!".

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