Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

There is a reason why I chose this picture of a pet shop! After six long weeks of the aptly named, "Long Summer NZ holiday break", Miss 6 promptly asked The Big Question! "Where did my brothers and sister come from? REALLY? You told me they came from the Pet Shop, so... can you return them... pleeeease?! So.... it can be just you and me again and we'll have a quiet house - we can go to the beach and go swimming, and go to a thousand movies without ....THEM!!". At this point, I was ready to herd the kiddliwinks in the car and drive to the nearest pet shop just for fun! I haven't yet answered the Big Question; I just don't think she is ready to know the real story as she is only six years old.... but she does recall I had a very fat tummy last year when baby 4 was on his way! And the Pet Shop theory just didn't cut the cake so to speak, when Miss 6 discovered her baby brother in an incubator, at the Neo Natal unit! These deep questions bring back humourous memories of when my own mother gave me a book called, "Where Did I come from?" at the ripe age of 10  - or was it 11? My response was "Yuck!" and I never wanted to know ANYTHING about it as the thought just grossed me out! Obviously, we have four children now, so things changed, and it turned out to be a great decision: having kids! They are all great and I really don't want to return any of them to the "Pet Shop!". In life, we all arrive in a little bundle, smelling sweet with that baby smell that only very new mothers know; a little heaven-sent (scent!) treasure from above! When my precious twins were growing in my belly and when I was ballooning outwards, I just could not fathom ever having enough love to go around three children! I loved my firstborn soooo much, so how could her parents equal that love for two more babies? Then at 34 weeks and 5 days to be exact, my twin babies arrived rather dramatically after a routine check that picked up one of the babies wasn't growing properly... and the rest is history! I did indeed have more than enough love to go around... and four years later, Cherub number 4 arrived, perfectly completing our family..... and we still had more than enough love to share. As parents of several small children all under the age of seven, words can't describe the equal love you have for x4 completely unique personalities! It is amazing, this gift of love! The Greek word for "Love" is "Agape". It's the best love you can ever have for a small person, let alone anyone! When Cherub Number 4 is old enough to attend school, I might just consider running a pet shop. You just never know!!

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